Got to near enough on the 20k, so reviewing the MS so it is at least syntactically in good nick before I pass it on to get it checked by my man who knows a bit about police procedure. Once I part company with it I’ll be back to The Golden Brick for a bit of a shake-up and see what tone I am happiest with. Am thinking a strong comic tone suits best.

creeping inexorably towards 20k words at  which point I will be doing an about-turn and fleshing out my main characters before sending the 20k first to a reader who has knowledge of police procedure and then, hopefully to submit it to a publsiher, my first such endeavour in many years.

16k into Kilban and its getting nicely set up for the mayhem that is to unfold. I have someone with a good knowledge of police procedure set up to read through it once I have 20k done. That way I can be confident that I’m not making gaffes all over the place. I still don’t know exactly how its going to pan out which I guess is a good thing. Have a good idea of the very end but that’s about it.