Kilban coming along nicely. Have a few plot lines running through it, just a question of making sure each one gets developed. Am putting a lot more time into thinking the story through than in previous writing, so that’ll make the process slower, but am hoping it pays dividends in terms of creating a tight structure.

put The Money Walks in for a promotion through Fiverr, the website that does everything for you bar write the actual book. It costs the princely sum of five dollars to get your book blasted into the virtual universe, so we’ll see what comes of it.

working on new book, titled ‘Kilban’ for the moment and it centers around an ex-cop of that name who is pitched against his nemesis- a certain mister Hennessy who has done him a serious grievance in the past. It’s intended to be action from the start with a strong edge to keep the narrative flow going. This will involve a series of plot lines running through the book that intersect with the main one. New territory and I’m conscious that it could all go pear-shaped or I could discover that I haven’t set enough up at the start to keep it all going.