got a four star review on goodreads which mitigates the one star earlier in the week so with that I am now going to consider the matter settled and shut up about stars. Have started on the Holmes and Moriarty style crime fiction piece and like my main protagonist already. This guy’s got revenge on his mind.

coming near end of first draft of The Golden Brick in that it’s ready for a first perusal by someone else. That person has kindly offered to read it and give a gut reaction. It’s a deal shorter than The Money Walks- lighter and brisker too, I think, but you do lose perspective on these things as you are too up close and personal, so we’ll see

set book up on a site called Payhip through which you can do various promotions, so, on the basis of trying to add something every day to the marketing armoury we’ll see how it goes. It’s a very user-friendly, straightforward site ¬†

got first bad review for The Money Walks, on Goodreads, got a one star but with no comment so don’t know what the person didn’t like, apart from the entire experience it would seem. Still, knew it was not going to be for everyone as it’s pretty slow-moving for a thriller/crime fiction piece and if you don’t get into the main character-Dermot Coyle- then it’s probably going to get tedious. Reviews good otherwise. Have put a link to the book on Amazon as signature for my e-mails, so if this doesn’t annoy the shit out of people it could be good. It’s the first tip on the ebook marketing PDF I’m going through. Going to try do something every day for the next while and see what works.

put The Money Walks up on Smashwords today and that brings it to a host of other sites where it goes on sale. Now, got to read the Smashwords PDF on how to market your book. Have changed the cover around and lowered the price, so will see how those tweaks go. The Golden Brick still under revision, another few weeks before it gets seen by- hopefully- my first reader/editor

tentatively put last sentence in The Golden Brick first draft. It’s a long way off completion still. Have to add in a few bits and give it a complete overhaul before sending it out for a first perusal by a willing reader.