gonna change the colour of my book cover as it needs a bit of a revamp. Kindle has is its own requirements and it’s a question of getting them right. The photo and layout are good, so I’d like to keep them, just a question of making everything more visible and maybe making it stand out a little more. Work on book two going well, getting near conclusion, just need to go back over it and add in a few details that only really become apparent as necessary as you delve deeper into the story. The tone of the book is definitely more humorous than The Money Walks, again that was something that evolved of its own accord, although I always had a notion that it would be the case. After that I have a Holmes and Moriarty style duo that I’d like to pit against each other over a couple of books

put book up for free for three days with Kindle Select and got about forty downloads so hopefully some of those will convert to reviews and maybe open up new readership. Kindle select programme ends June 10th so I’ll then be free to put the book up an all available ebook sites of which there are many, so I have to get cracking and find out how to best launch it on them.