taking a break from The Money walks and all things Amazon and Kindle. Going to launch it on a timed discount after a few days break and see if that stirs up some interest in the public at large.

back working on second book tentatively titled ‘The Golden Brick’. It’s a more overtly humorous book with a smattering of criminality. Downfall and redemption are the core themes.

had fist review posted which was great but discovered that amazon.co.uk and amazon.com are separate entities when ti comes to reviews so you have to try get people to post on both sites. I encountered tales of woe of people who had good reviews on one site and bad on the other!

Signed up today for Kindle Select as you can still be on the Goodreads author programme with this. Amazon apparently own Goodreads now, anyway it’s not a sales site but a promotion and publicity site so there’s no clash of interests.


Need to decide on whether to sign up for Kindle select or not. It gives amazon exclusive rights over your book for 90 days and in rturn they will publicise and promote it and enter it into the online library where you get paid a small amount for every time it’s read. Probably a good idea but I’ll mull it over till tomorrow. Meantime have just got on the Goodreads author programme so have to creat a profile for that.

ready to go with The Money Walks. Have got cover finished with a photo from my photographer neighbour Robert Keogh and then sent it off to a website called Fiverr who do all online publishing services. I have sent off the actual book too to get formatted so expecting it back in the next couple of hours, have signed up to Kindle Direct and am working out a pricing strategy, going through blogs of those who have gone before etc. so should be up and live in the next few days