‘Brown Bread’ has been proofed and sent back to me. One or two small changes to make and then it is done. Tried shooting an image for the cover and looks funny, perhaps too funny, so need to pimp it up before sending it off to be used in the final cover. Have to get it formatted for amazon and Smashwords too. Should only take a couple of weeks, so end of month ready to go fingers crossed.

Continuing the travel writing theme am finishing Paul Theroux ‘On the express train to Patagonia’ and it’s also fantastic. has a dedication to Louis at the start which strangely personalises it as we all know Louis from his excellent documentary series. The book describes a train journey from Boston to Patagonia, taking each state in, continuing through Mexico and on through Central America. He takes an an objective but personable view of all he encounters but feels under no obligation to gild the Lily so you feel like you are getting something authentic.