almost a year since I posted anything. Have completed the first of what will be a crime fiction series and am well into the second. Changed my central character to Jim McGrattan. He’s an ex-Garda turned private eye. Am concurrently writing a romantic comedy set in a school. This will be done under a pen name and is written from a female perspective. Am coming to the end of the first of these. Once I have two of each series done I’ll publish them and see if there’s an appetite for a third.

uploaded ‘The Big No No’ then unpublished it two weeks later as I wasn’t happy with the initial reaction. It’s a book I wasn’t sure about and had taken a different direction when I was halfway through it, but decided to finish it anyway. Could work well with a bit of editing and switching the narrative around so will try that. Work going well on ‘Kilban’ so that’s where the focus is at the moment, the first of a trilogy of pure crime fiction books.

Book gone to proofreader. two weeks till it’s back. Need to start doing cover photo etc. Have a nice little idea for what I want so hope it’s workable. The book is dark comedy, downfall type of stuff so the cover will reflect that. Chuckle chuckle.

a poem is never finished. It is only set aside. Somebody famous said that- Wilde or Joyce and that’s the way it feels with ‘The Golden Brick’. Keep trawling back through it and finding little things to improve on. Had an edit done, so going back through that and ‘accepting’ or ‘rejecting’ changes. Will send it off by the end of the week for a second pass and a proofread and hopefully that will be the end of the writing, then down to cover design etc. I want to produce paper versions of both this one and ‘The Money Walks’ and see where I go from there.

sent The Golden Brick off this morning to get an edit. Hoping they won’t come back and say ‘the book is grand but the main character really doesn’t work’ or some such levelling feedback. It relies heavily on the one central character so if he isn’t at the races then the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. ‘Nibs crossed’ or whatever expression writers use instead of ‘fingers crossed’.